The Patriarch of Moscow had a long phone call with the Pontiff, following the missile attacks by the US, France and Great Britain. The dialogue was attended to Bartholomew of Constantinople, Theophilus of Jerusalem, Theodore of Alexandria and John of Antioch. Contacts with the press, to communicate the initiatives of the Church leaders.

Moscow – The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill (Gundjaev) and the Pope of Rome Francis have held a lengthy discussion by telephone following the missile attack by USA, France and Great Britain against the supposed Syrian chemical weapons bases. Kirill himself informed the journalists at his residence in Peredelkino, on the outskirts of Moscow.

“We took this initiative, knowing that Christians cannot remain indifferent to what is happening in Syria,” the patriarch said yesterday in the late afternoon. “It was a very meaningful dialogue in favor of peace. We shared the common concern about the situation in Syria, and we talked about how Christians should influence this situation, to stop violence, war and so many tragic victims as we have seen in these days”.

The head of the Russian Orthodox pointed out that the meeting took place on the initiative of the Patriarchate. The other patriarchs of the Middle East took part in the dialogue: Bartholomew of Constantinople, Theophilus of Jerusalem, Theodore of Alexandria and John of Antioch. “Each of them has expressed a willingness to continue consultations, to find a way to stop the bloodshed,” added Kirill; “It is quite clear that people are suffering in Syria. And the message of the Church to the world is always linked to the proclamation of peace between men and justice on earth. We cannot be silent when things like those of these days are taking place in Syria “.

The patriarch assured that “there is the desire to continue this dialogue soon, maybe already tonight, or tomorrow, to be able to influence the situation in some way and stop the violence”. The leading Christian leaders of the East and the West are determined to unite all their energies for pacification, and to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Syria after the attack of American missiles and their allies, as the Patriarch spokesman Fr. Aleksandr Volkov also reiterated.

Fr. Volkov reported that “the pope and the patriarch have agreed to continue their constructive dialogue in the coming hours and even tomorrow. We are convinced we can reach the desired result “. Patriarch Theophilus of Jerusalem has strongly supported the initiative of Kirill, to form a single movement of Christians for peace. A spokesmen of the patriarchy has promised to remain in constant contact with the press, to communicate any initiatives by the Church leaders.