204, 2019

MIRIAM, The voice of Aleppo

April 2nd, 2019|

In Aleppo, the number of Christians shrank fivefold during the war. Now the economic crisis and the lack of professional employment opportunities are a source of anguish, especially for the young. The performers are a choir of 60 or so children and young people, supported by five musicians. It is [...]

2703, 2019

In Aleppo, Syria, ‘the pain, poverty, and hunger we’ve endured are enough’

March 27th, 2019|

ANTOINE HADDAD, 19, a member of the Armenian Catholic Church, grew up at the height of the Syrian civil war, amidst chaos and violence. The first bombings of Aleppo destroyed parts of his home. He gives a glimpse of his suffering in this interview with Aid to the Church in [...]

301, 2019

“Being able to continue with my studies was what kept my hopes alive during the war.”

January 3rd, 2019|

Thanks to the help of the international Catholic pastoral charity and pontifical foundation ACN, the great majority of Christian university students in Syria have been able to continue their studies. Since the beginning of the conflict in Syria the foundation has given over 3.6 million Euros in support of these [...]